Local Authorities

Electrolink will continue to support Local Authorities and their recycling partners in many ways such as:

  • Existing scrap revenues are retained by council/waste management company
  • No requirement to change incumbent contractors
  • Excellent IT systems designed to issue accurate and detailed reports which support the information required by the waste data flow
  • Working in partnership with LAs to maximise the amount of WEEE collected
  • Supporting LAs with innovative collections systems
  • Building relationships with LARAC and other organisations

If you are a Local Authority and would like to work with us or would like more information please email info@electrolink.eu.com or help@wastepack.co.uk.

The DCF code of practice (March 2014) is a document which has been issued by the Regulatory Agencies and contains practical guidance on the stanards that the relationship between a Producers Compliance Scheme (PCS) and Designated Collection Facility (DCF) operator must meet.

Electrolink always makes sure that all parties meet the requirements of this code. Below is a PDF download of the full code of practice:

Electrolink is an approved Compliance Scheme. We operate to the highest standards and are fully approved to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Full details of all our accreditation documents can be viewed below:

WEEE Compliance Scheme Approval Numbers:

WEE/MP3138PU/SCH (Electrolink)

WEE/UP3338PW/SCH (Weee Link)

Electrolink understand the importance of prompt and accurate data reporting to Local Authorities.

Electrolink has long established software systems capable of tracking each individual movement of WEEE, with a capacity to track thousands of movements per week. Data is collated and recorded from collections made at Household Waste Recycling Centres (DCFs), material received at an Approved Accredited Treatment Facility (AATF) and finally the evidence notes that are ultimately generated. Using all three data sources, Electrolink has a full audit trail of data which proves compliance and guarantees accuracy.

Information can be made available to Local Authorities within two weeks following the month end. The data is presented as per the specific and individual requirements of each Local Authority.  Having data in the required format will simplify the process of uploading the information in to the Waste Data Flow System.

Electrolink submits its data to the regulatory agencies in accordance with the reporting guidelines.