Our Schemes

Why choose us?

Electrolink’s core objective is to provide WEEE producers with innovative and commercial solutions to make compliance as hassle-free as possible. With over two decades experience in compliance and producer responsibility it's likely we've worked with a company just like yours so why not see what we can do for you?

Electrolink provides a range of services to make compliance easier...

  • Cutting through the complexities and explaining the effect of the legal obligations on each members business
  • Help in completing the required data submissions through data clinics and individual support
  • Robust data checking and verification service to ensure that submissions comply with the regulatory requirements
  • Carrying out all the recycling obligations of each member in accordance with the regulations and obtaining evidence of compliance
  • Keeping members up to date with regulatory and guidance changes through newsletters, webinars and workshops
  • Acting as compliance champion for our members in dealing with government, regulators and other interested parties
  • Being alongside if a member is selected for audit by a Regulatory Agency
  • Providing a comprehensive collection service to meet all B2B and retailer customer needs
  • Our experts are on the other end of a phone or email to answer any member queries
  • Most important of all, we always provide a personal and friendly service


Expert advice at your fingertips.